© 2020 by The Centre for Girls, a program of The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which relies on grant-funding, private donations and corporate sponsorship.

About C4G

The Centre for Girls is a program of The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Tampa. The Centre for Girls offers innovative programming during after-school hours and a summer camp that includes fine arts, ceramics, fashion, dance, and STEM-based instruction to girls, ages 5-14.

The Centre for Girls and its partners strategically increase girls’ access to services and provide them with a safe place to spend time, learn skills, make friends, and interact with caring adults. 

Our Mission

Empowerment through Expression The Centre for Girls is an enrichment and education center focused on the needs of Tampa Bay's girls, ages 5-14, and their  families.  The Centre for Girls provides innovative programming with a STEAM-based curriculum  integrating art, health & wellness, and green living;  all of which empower girls by teaching positive self-expression.

Our Vision

Creating Futures for Young Girls
The Centre for Girls will be the most well-known and highly regarded center for girls in the Tampa Bay area. With highly developed programming and outreach services, the Centre for Girls will create positive change for each girl touched by the Centre, regardless of her socioeconomic background.

Values for Our Girls

Love Yourself
Respect Others
Appreciate Diversity
See Beauty in the Everyday
Give Before you Receive

Imaginate the Possibilities!

C4G girls have big IMAGINATIONS!  

Through art and positive self-expression,

we CREATE new possibilities – at C4G and in life!

The C4G Team

Iris S. Thurman                               

Program Director                         


Abney Henderson

Program Coordinator



Alexis Contreras

Program Coordinator



Amanda Bogle

Teacher’s Assistant




And, of course our wonderful volunteers